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Worrying about a sale doesn't help - answers do.

Exit Strategies 360° first offers a complete workshop series dedicated to preparing your business for sale, maximizing its value.  When you as a business owner are ready to sell, the business typically is not.  We provide answers to remedy this difficult situation.  Plus, these answers allow you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Second, we offer detailed instruction on how to effectively and comfortably sell your own business.  This task is not as daunting as you think and will save you 8-10% in broker fees, and even more in related professional fees; monumental savings for any business owner.  We promise, once you receive the tools and know-how the mechanics are not complex.

The education received by either workshop, Preparing My Business for Sale or
Selling My Own Business
, is guaranteed to create both value and peace of mind.  
The investment in your best future will be returned to you many times over.

* Plus, Workshop fees may be credited back to you upon the sale of your business.
Please call for details.

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