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Create Your Exit Strategy.

An exit strategy is much more than just selling your business. An effective exit strategy ensures you and your business are equipped for the road ahead, including the sale and eventual retirement. There is one chance to get it right.

With answers and intentional preparation, you’ll make well-informed decisions, avoiding surprises during this emotional but very real journey. The decisions surrounding the sale of your business and preserving your wealth may be the most financially critical decisions of your career. Others will also assist in this transition, including your CPA, attorney, wealth advisor and estate planner. Acting in concert with your team ensures the best decisions for you, your family and your future.

Valuation & Analysis

An accurate Valuation & Analysis provides answers surrounding current value, maximizing future value, deal structure, pre-tax yields, tax minimization & estate planning, wealth preservation and ideal timing of a sale. An essential starting point to inform critical decisions.

Adjusted EBITDA, along with the goodwill of your business, are the primary drivers of value. This comprehensive report accurately determines business value. We include the most common value drivers found in business today. Combining the story you’ve created, along with the numbers, determines the why behind the value.

The Valuation & Analysis is ideal for:

· Exit Planning
· Sellers
· Potential Sellers
· Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A & Advisory Services

Exit Strategies 360 is both skilled and efficient in every aspect of mergers & acquisitions.  From the first complimentary call to signing documents at the closing table, we defend and protect only your interests.  Simply, we ensure your best possible retirement.

· Inquiry/Discovery
· Overview
· Valuation & Analysis
· Key Value Drivers
· Transition Team Q&A

· Advisory Agreement
· Confidential Business Profile
· Assembly of Confidential Marketing Information
· Approval of Materials
· Identification of Any Potential Known Buyers

· Contact Any Identified Known Buyers
· Field Inquiries
· NDA / SFS – Buyer Qualification & Interview
· Introduce Market Offering to Buyer
· Introduce Buyer to Client

· Negotiation for Highest Price, Yield & Lowest Risk
· Review: Term Sheets, LOI’s, Offers to Purchase
· Review & Discuss / Transaction Team Members
· Due Diligence / Finalize Closing Documentation
· Successful Closing & Funds Dispersed


Offering answers and insights in preparing your business for sale, types of buyers, best timing, confidentiality, selling to key employees or children, partnership buyouts, real estate, roll-over equity, earnouts, an array of deal structures and more. Knowing your options is essential as you navigate the sales process. Plus, your peace of mind will sky-rocket.

When first considering a sale, you have many more questions than answers. Exit Strategies 360 specializes in answers. We educate owners on an array of topics not only for general business, but also navigating the road ahead. The stakes are high—solid answers ensure solid decisions. The most obvious result— confidence and peace of mind.

With the purpose of maximizing value, we go into great detail when preparing a business for sale. Topics include:

· Timing
· Who are the best buyers
· Drivers of business value
· Tangible vs. intangible assets
· Goodwill—what role it plays
· Owner & family involvement
· Financials—trends & cleanliness
· Maximizing cash flow
· What are add-backs & why
· Professionalism—minimizing risk
· Transition team—who helps
· HR & Management teams
· Asset & equipment purchases
· Lease renewals prior to selling
· Potential deal structure
· Dozens more…

Prior to selling, many answers are needed to make effective decisions before, during and after the sale. Topics include:

· Marketing materials/NDA’s
· Buyer qualification/recruitment
· Buyer communication/meetings
· LOI/Offers to purchase
· Offer contingencies
· Any negotiable items/points
· Deal structure/options
· Non-Compete Agreements
· Training/Consulting Agreements
· Seller carry-back notes
· Earn-outs/Risk allocation
· Earnest money
· Security agreements
· Due diligence info/process
· Closing process/financing
· Dozens more…

We ensure your best possible retirement.

Exit Strategies 360 is both skilled and efficient in every aspect of mergers & acquisitions and advisory services.  

From the first complimentary call to signing documents at the closing table, we defend and protect only your interests. 


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