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Why do Business Owners Struggle With Retirement?

(Hint: It’s not about the money.) “It’s no mystery why you keep working!” With 20+ years in the industry, the following are true statements: ·      Most business owners struggle with the thought of retirement. ·      Many owners considering retirement have plenty of money.  ·      Many say they want to retire. ·      Many say they’re ready to retire. 

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Restoration Industry Lessons from the 2008 Recession

Due to the strength of the industry, restoration businesses should be front and center as solid acquisition targets. Selling a business can be scary. Terrifying when the economy isn’t cooperating. These facts will ease your fears.  There are three primary factors driving the value of your

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What Should I Know Before Selling My Business?

Understanding the process in advance will clarify your expectations… and protect your sanity. Recently a restoration business owner called and asked, “What should I know before selling my business?” It’s a perfect question and should be asked by every owner nearing retirement.  The obvious answers include business value, deal

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Without My Business, Who Am I?

Many business owners are both ecstatic and terrified at the thought of life without their business. Life Beyond Work  Years ago, I brokered the business of an 83-year-old owner who had started her company in 1951 at the age of 29. Her name, face and

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Why is ‘Quality of Earnings’ Important?

Many owners have heard of EBIT, EBITDA or Adjusted Earnings, all various ways to calculate the earnings of a business. What does ‘quality of earnings’ have to do with it? Absolutely everything.  First, let’s define ‘quality of earnings’: The proportion of income attributable to the core operating activities

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Ready to Sell? Five Critical Questions To Consider

For some the thought of selling creates a feeling of euphoria, for others terror.  After decades of successfully owning and operating a disaster restoration company, the thought of selling may cross your mind.  When it does, shouldn’t your emotions be closer to the euphoria than

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