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6 Tips To Avoid Burnout in a 24/7 Industry

Many owners experience burnout at some point in their career.  In the remediation industry we don’t have to look far for causes:  slow AR’s, elevated demands from TPA’s and insurance companies, unrealistic property owners, frivolous law-suits, etc.  The industry has always been challenging, becoming more so the last

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

The very characteristics which make owners successful when starting and growing their businesses- healthy self-confidence, a strong will, and keeping their own counsel, can cause troubles when selling. History proves these otherwise healthy personality traits often lead owners to make an array of costly mistakes

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7.5 Key Variables When Preparing Your Company for Sale

Without basic planning, defending a realistic sales price can be difficult. After years of blood, sweat and tears, your eventual exit deserves some level of preparation. At some point, every business owner considers selling. After just a few minutes of thought, many owners realize there are

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The Basics of an Exit Strategy

Retirement may be sounding better every day. However, the actual thought of selling your business can be frightening.  To complicate the issue, you may have a significant portion of net worth in your business.  Make the wrong decision (or no decision) about exiting and the

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