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As I Think About Selling, Are There Key Numbers I Should Focus On?

Q: As I think about selling, are there key numbers I should focus on?

JT says: Absolutely. Here are 4 numbers most consider essential for the best decisions:

  1. Adjusted EBITDA: THE number driving value. Keeping sales, AR’s & margins healthy is essential.
  2. Business Value: Largely determined by valuation methods and an array of industry multiples, all stemming from your Adj. EBITDA.
  3. Pre-Tax Yield: This is the Business Value plus balance sheet adjustments: Cash, AR’s, Working Capital, Liabilities and closing related expenses.
  4. Post-Tax Yield: Commonly known as ‘walk-away’ money. When it’s all said and done (and taxes paid), it’s what you get to walk-away with.

These numbers are not difficult to obtain. Once received, you’re well on your way to a successful plan.

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