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How Critical are Industry-Specific Advisors in M&A?

Q: How critical are industry-specific advisors as I develop my ‘exit plan’?

JT says: Great question. Many advisors will say they’re able to assist. However, as you know, the restoration industry has many unique challenges. We essentially speak our own language. Thus, three reasons why industry advisors are best:

  1. Industry advisors and consultants are well-versed in best practices, helping you perfectly prepare and maximize value.
  2. An experienced industry M&A advisor knows the best buyers, both industry and Private Equity, creating speed and efficiency during the sales/negotiations process. (*Not ‘any’ buyers, the ‘best’ buyers.)
  3. Negotiations and due diligence are much easier as you’re precisely and confidently prepped for the road ahead. From start to finish an industry advisor is the solid choice.

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