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How Do I Best Navigate the Emotional Roller-Coaster of Selling My Business?

Q: I was told selling my business will be an emotional roller-coaster.  If true, how do I best navigate it?  

JT says: Having worked with 400+ restoration owners, yes, this is 100% true.  And early awareness is a critical step toward effective navigation. 

Why?  Emotional decisions are not ideal, they can be costly when stakes are high.  After years of building a successful business, along with plenty of stress and sleepless nights, there should be a healthy dose of emotion… but not when making critical decisions.  

The Exit Strategies process was created and refined for two purposes- to provide answers and remove as much emotion as possible.  This allows you to focus on the facts, best decisions, and ideal outcomes. (You also have a business to run, so it’s designed to keep distractions to a minimum.)   

After being armed with dozens of answers and clear expectations, you’ll be highly prepared and confident for the road ahead.

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