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What Does a Valuation & Analysis for Restoration Co. Owners Entail?

Q: On a podcast you mentioned taking restoration co. owners through a Valuation & Analysis, what does that entail?  

JT says: Restoration contractors call me when they’re thinking of selling.  They have many questions but few answers. An insightful and educational tool, the Valuation & Analysis first looks at the numbers, then 12-15 intangible variables effecting the value of every restoration company.  

The process answers dozens of questions and offers numerous insights for the road ahead, allowing you to plan and make decisions with confidence:  

  • What’s my business worth, and why?  
  • Where can I easily add value in the next 2-3 years?  
  • What’s the best deal structure, and why?  
  • What should I do (and don’t do) 2-3 years prior to a sale?
  • Who are the best buyers, and why?  
  • When is the best time to sell, and why?  
  • What will my taxes be? 
  • How do I best preserve my wealth for retirement? 

The quality of your exit strategy and retirement deserve answers.  Every owner should start from a knowledgeable position.  

Get Answers + Get Prepared = Get Retired

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