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You’ve Mentioned a Sales ‘Transaction’ vs. ‘Transition’, What’s the Difference?  

Q: You’ve mentioned a sales ‘transaction’ vs. ‘transition’, what’s the difference?  

JT says:

Transaction:  This is the business side of any sale-  NDA’s, LOI’s & deal terms, negotiations, non-competes, working capital, legal documentation, wealth preservation, etc. These pieces are always present.    

Transition:  This is the personal/emotional side of any sale. (*Ignoring these variables allows anxiety/fear to creep in and the ‘transaction’ will be jeopardized, guaranteed.)  These variables consider overall emotional preparedness, desire for answers/planning, family dynamics surrounding a sale, letting go of the status and perks that accompany ownership, relinquishing control of ‘your baby’, answering the question ‘what’s next?’, and ultimately deciding who you are beyond the role/title of ‘business owner’.

Every ‘transaction’ contains a personal ‘transition’, acknowledging it is essential.   

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